CD now available (7/9/2009)

Signal-to-Noise Predictions Using VOACAP

Written by George Lane under contract from Rockwell Collins

George Lane was instrumental in the development of IONCAP while working 17 years for the US Army, and steered the development of VOACAP while working 13 years for the Voice of America. He is also responsible for the funding that created the PC user interface to the ITS HF Propagation models, and why these models are available FREE.

Rockwell Collins funded George to produce this User's Guide to provide detailed instructions, the reasoning behind them, and examples based on his 30+ years of experience with these programs for obtaining the most accurate signal-to-noise ratio predictions using VOACAP and VOAAREA.
    You do not need to buy the PropMan 2000 CD ($108 cost).
    If you only want the VOACAP User Guide, you only need to pay the $5 or $10 shipping charge.

Special thanks to Rockwell Collins for doing this.