Sunday, July 26, 2020

Optional Team Skins - $10/player



4 Man ABCD Team Event - Stroke Play

Playing from the Iron Tees††††† 80% Handicap

D player will play from the Silver tees


Team score is as follows:


1 Net Score on Par 5s (except #18)

2 Net Scores on Par 4s

3 Net Scores on Par 3s

On hole #18 all players net scores count



Paying 4 places in one flight


1st Place - $ per team (money depends on number of players in the field)

2nd Place - $ per team

3rd Place - $ per team

4th Place - $ per team



Closest to the Pin on all Par 3s pays $25 each


Optional Team Skins for $10 per player ($40/team)




Enter scores for all players on each hole. Enter the net team score Ė 1 for par 5s except for 18, total of 2 net scores for par 4s, total of 3 net scores for par 3s, and the total of all 4 net scores on #18.