ICEPAC problems with AMD processors

There are several reports that ICEPAC will fail on some circuits with a variety of AMD processors.
Included on this web page is a sample circuit you can use to see if you have the problem.

Glad to be of any help; but bear in mind it refers only to the AMD-K2/350
MHz processor in combination with a certain version of Win95 (and I am not
sure if many of those combinations are still widely in use, and find it a
bit strange why this was not mentioned earlier). Still, you can find the
patch at:
The title for the patch on that page is:

"Windows 95 Update for AMD-K6-2/350" and includes a - read me first - which
provides detailed information on the issue and installation instructions.

There used to be a referal on the site, but it seems that is has
been removed (makes sense if you are in the business of selling as many
Athlons, Durons and all the rest of it...).


Jan deGraaf

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Verzonden: woensdag 27 november 2002 16:40
Onderwerp: Re: AMD processors


That is good news.
What is the OS patch you mention?
How would I direct someone to it?


> Dear Greg,
> Following your request concerning ICEPAC and (certain) AMD processors I am
> pleased to let you know that while using AMD-K2-500MHz and Win98/SE/XP and
> WinK2 never a single problem related to the ICEPAC family occured (I am not
> able to report on Athlon and Duron yet).
> Consequently, the - performed perfectly well.
> May be old news, (and it was never mentioned on your site as well, but
> still...):
> When using an AMD-K2-350MHz or faster and Win95 certain errors occured
> including the - blue screen of death - This was related not to ICEPAC but to
> the combination of OS and the processor for which problem a patch is
> available.
> Reagards,
> Jan - pa8cw.