Greg Hand on Power Bulge 5.12b/c

Greg retired from federal service Feb 3, 2005. He is still involved in the work at ITS and may be reached by email (Email: gregory.hand -at-

Greg joined ITS in 1983 after working 3 years for BLM at the Denver Federal Center and 8 years for the Naval Air Systems Command in DC, where he wrote programs for the computer-automated design and evaluation of Navy aircraft. At ITS Greg programs in FORTRAN and in HTML to develop Web-based GUI interfaces and PC-based GUI interfaces. He also develops software that is used throughout the world to do HF propagation modeling. His computer software includes routines for ICEPAC, VOACAP, and REC 533 (the ITU Recommendation 533 dealing with ionospheric propagation). Greg is a member of ITU Study Group 3 and maintains Recommendation 533 for the ITU, and when you click on the ITU SG 3 Rec 533 Web page, it is Greg’s Web page that is called up to make the software available for downloading.

In 1988 he received the Bronze medal for his technical contributions in the development of HF broadcasting computer-modeling tools.

In other computer-programming efforts, Greg also runs the TA Services Web-based tools consisting of an interface that is used by private industry and government agencies in wireless system design.

Greg developed the VQM (Video Quality Metric) download web page for Steve Wolf’s work on video quality standards and Recommendations to track who has downloaded the VQM software. Recently he developed the ISART 2004 interactive Registration web page. He also designed and implemented the prototype Web-entry form for the DOJ Justice Standards Clearinghouse. That Web page allows practitioners to enter and store bibliographic information on IT and wireless standards they have used to increase interoperability in public-safety and law-enforcement IT and wireless communications.

He was also the interim IT point-of-contact at ITS for 4 years until a permanent person was hired.

In leisure hours, Greg has run several marathons, including the Pike’s Peak Marathon. He also enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, golfing, and family.